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Should you install insulation in an exterior/outdoors ambient temperature setting.

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I’m a home owner completing a renovation to my house in Florida.  The 3rd story exterior sundeck tile floor functions as a flat roof for the 2nd story exterior deck.  I’m going to be installing cypress T&G as the ceiling for the 2nd story deck.  (IE: the Cypress T&G ceiling will be fastened to the LVL beams holding the 3rd story deck up.) 

The question is this; should I install insulation before I put up the T&G ceiling?  My concern is if I don’t install some kind of insulation the T&G might be impacted/warp by heat being generated from the sun hitting the tile floor of the 3rd story deck, radiating down into the cavity where the LVL’S are and ultimately into the T&G ceiling of the 2nd story damaging the T&G. 

However, some folks say it will be a mistake to install insulation, waste of money, it will simply hold humidity/moisture and serve no purpose as there’s ambient temperature on both sides of the structure (3rd story floor and 2nd store ceiling). 

I wouldn't insulate. (post #212960, reply #1 of 9)

I don't see any need to insulate. You need the base for your tile to be as solid as possible.The insulation could compromise this. Make sure the framing is over sized. If the t & g is 2x use 3/4" plywood. If it's 3/4" use 1 1/8" plywood. I'd use a trowel on cementus water proofing that can serve as the tile base. I've used WestCoat alx as in under tile applications.

I really appreciate the reply (post #212960, reply #8 of 9)

I really appreciate the reply and detailed information.  Thank you

I don't think it would hurt (post #212960, reply #4 of 9)

I don't think it would hurt but it won't help either.

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Thank you very much, I (post #212960, reply #9 of 9)

Thank you very much, I appreciate the input...