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Spray foam insulation on basement concrete walls.

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If I have closed cell foam sprayed on to my basement concrete walls, do I have to frame them out first?  I'm not finishing the basement, I just need to insulate it.  The basement is only 4 feet high but I want it included in the conditioned space instead of insulating the floor of the house.  So can I get a continuous 3" layer of foam on the walls without framing?

Depending on the (post #213771, reply #1 of 2)

Depending on the circumstances, the type of foam, and local codes, you may be required to cover the foam with drywall or some other fire barrier.

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You do not need any framing, (post #213771, reply #2 of 2)

You do not need any framing, but as Dan mentioned you may need some type of fireproof coating.  This can be plywood, sheet metal, drywall, or a specially formulated paint on product.  If you find that your local code official insists on fireproofing the foam install, also ask around your insulation contractor about options.  I think Dow may now have a closed cell foam that is fire rated after curing.