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I am in need of a little guidance. I am renovating a 1300 square foot Cape and plan on adding spray foam insulation in the walls and rafters making hte house much tighter.

Since the house will be used on weekends only I plan to add a heat recovery ventillator to allow air changes.  Should the ventillator be placed on the ground floor which has the larges area (1000SF)  or on the second floor where the heat will rise to? Or should I be adding two ventillators (I'd rather not and the house is fairly small)

What sort of heat/AC do you (post #212913, reply #1 of 4)

What sort of heat/AC do you have planned for the place?

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Dan the house has hydronic (post #212913, reply #3 of 4)

Dan the house has hydronic fin tube radiators, but I plan to add a ducted mini split system for AC. That system will also have heating capacity.I dont know that the kind of heat really impacts the ventillator or not? I plan on installing a Panasonic ERV

Air Entry (post #212913, reply #2 of 4)

Where does fresh air enter the house? That's where the recovery unit goes.

Such units pass the inside air over a series of thing metal plates; the other sieds of thes plates are exposed to the fresh air coming in. In the process, energy is transfered between the old air and the new air.

The ERV is ceiling mounted (post #212913, reply #4 of 4)

The ERV is ceiling mounted and ducted to an outside vent (see attached photo), so theoretically it can be placed anywhere. I am looking for input as to where people think the BEST placement would be.

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