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What are my replacement heating application options for a tri-level home?

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 What are my replacement heating application options for a tri-level home where some baseboard heating pipes are embedded in or below the grade level concrete slab, and the slab below ground level. The embedded pipes may be leaking, and that's the reason I'm asking.

I'd prefer to use the existing gas fired hot water boiler if possible for any replacement heating application.

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Dig up the floor Chop (post #206661, reply #1 of 2)

  1. Dig up the floor
  2. Chop holes in the walls (and maybe ceiling)
  3. Chop fewer/smaller holes and use electric baseboard downstairs

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Replacement heating for Tri-level home (post #206661, reply #2 of 2)

I have used hot water heating for my house in Northern Indiana for decades and love it.  I have four zones and each can be shut down when not in use.  Hot water heating if installed correctly should not differ in temperature more than two or three degrees in any room.  In your case I would replumb copper from the boiler to all the rooms affected.  I would cut out what I could and drain any lines and cover them.  You shouldnt have to dig up anything in the flooring but you may have to find a way to run the copper thru a closet or chase.  This is the easist and fastest way and you are assured of having your hot water heat when you need it with no leaks or heavy construction.

Good Luck