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Which mini-split to choose?

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I'd like to know which 9000 Btu mini-split (heating and cooling) is the 'best'. It seems that many lean towards Mitsuishi's Mr Slim. What make that the superior product?  

Performance (post #206865, reply #1 of 6)

and reliability, I suppose.

perfomance? (post #206865, reply #2 of 6)

How is that measured?Where can one find the statistics?

I just ordered a Senville (post #206865, reply #3 of 6)

I just ordered a Senville 1.5T mini-split for the shop.  Toshiba compressor, 19.2 seer, looked to be the best I could find on the web in terms of both capabilities and price ($1100).  I also looked for an inverter type for efficiency and low inrush current.   The cheapest brand seems to be Klinaire, but found a LOT of bad reviews for that brand so avoided.

IMO, 90% of the capability the compressor type/mfg and then is how well the installation is made (<500 micron vacumm for an hour, N2 fill and braze fittings vs. flare (e.g cutoff the standard flares and braze the lines), and add a bi-directional filter dryer (not part of most mini-split packages).  

Ordered a filter dryer and sight glass (just a personal preference) separately from different sources to add to the installation.

Since in PNW and 99% of use will be heat vs. AC, will install the indoor unit near the floor vs. near ceiling as most mini-split installations show.


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Wow, Senville is not a name that I have heard of. LG, Mitsubishi, Samsung, etc were brands being considered. I have seen Kilnaire but dismissed them as an unknown quality.

I agree with the Inverter requirement; pay a little more upfront, but less over the long-term.

My installation is an 350 sq ft outbuilding being utilized as an office (and an emergency extra bedroom). I am located in SE Mass and suspect the usage will be seasonal - heat and A/C as well as dehumiidification. This building has tile floor on a slab. I have a ceiling fan to help air distribution.  

If you don't mind, please elaborate on the N2 fill and the braze vs flare as well as where you placed the filter dryer and sight glass.



Before I go into detail, do (post #206865, reply #5 of 6)

Before I go into detail, do you have a vacuum pump capable of 500 micorns or less, an oxy-acet rig, 15% silver braze ron, an N2 tank? 

Those are pre-requisites, if you have will be glad to give details on brazing vapor refrigeration cycle equipment, otherwise too much effort for 'school work assignment' reply.