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5% discount at Home Depot

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For Some time Lowes has given a 5% discount for all purchases made on their credit card.

Recently a sales associate at Home Depot told me that if I have a Home Depot card that I can ask for a 5% discount. Home Depot even refers to this as the "Lowes Discount". I have a Home Depot card and have gotten in the habit of asking for the additional 5% when I check out.

Here's the ironic part: Some of the Home Depot associates have asked to see my Lowes Card. I do not have a Lowes card and therefore have been denied the 5% discount. Now it would seem to me that Home Depot is offering me this discount TO ENCOURAGE ME TO NOT GET A LOWES CARD!

Which scenario would you think Home Depot prefer: That I ONLY have their card or that I have both cards?

Has anyone else encountered this?

Next time, if they ask for (post #207373, reply #1 of 2)

Next time, if they ask for your Lowes card, and deny you the discount for not having one, simply tell them they are right and thank them for bringing it to your attention.  Inform them that you are therefore not interested in buying the already tallied items at the Home Depot pricing and are going to Lowes to get the %5 discount.


Their response may surprise you.

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Military and service (post #207373, reply #2 of 2)

Military and service connected veterans can get 10% discount with I.D., but you're not supposed to use it for your business; only personal project use.