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Adhesive for T-moulding over tile

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In the threshold between my tiled bathroom floor and bamboo hallway, I would like to install bamboo T-moulding.  I want to ensure that water on the bathroom floor does not seep into the hallway floor and I want to adhere the T-moulding to the tile.  What adhesive should I use?  100% Silcone caulk? PL Construction Adhesive?


- Lyptus

lyptus (post #207413, reply #1 of 4)

First, does the bottom leg of the T touch the subfloor?

If not, I'd build it up to just short of the T bottoming out.

Then I'd use PL Premium and I'd be tempted to nail down through the top of the T through the buildup and into the subfloor.

You could use clear adhesive caulk on the bath side (very small bead, mostly wiped off.


What do you plan on doing in the bath that will flood the floor?

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What he's planning to do in (post #207413, reply #2 of 4)

What he's planning to do in the bath is none of your business! ;)

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So you're suggesting I use PL (post #207413, reply #3 of 4)

So you're suggesting I use PL construction adhesive- plus nails to secure the moulding to the subfloor and tile.  Then follow it up with a thin bead of silcone caulk on the bathroom edge of the moulding? 

We wash our dogs in the bathroom and we have two kids who don't always dry themselves well so it's not that the floor floods but it does get pretty wet at times.

- Lyptus

lyp (post #207413, reply #4 of 4)

You will be attaching the t-molding to the subfloor.  It'll lip over the tile and you could bed that side on the tile with a bead of clear adhesive caulk.   Silicone would be a mistake-don't use it.  The other side would lip over your other floor. 

Use PL PREMIUM on the bottom of the leg of the t-mold.  I would put a couple finish nails down through the center of the molding, through the leg and into the subfloor.  If you wish, you can weight down the t-mold and not use nails.

You may need to build up that gap that the t-mold leg fits in with something firmly attached to the subfloor ( glue and nails/screws?) if the bottom of the t-mold doesn't touch the subfloor.  You don't want to put undue pressure on the tile nor do you want to drive that t-mold down so hard you split the thin parts of the "T".

If you use the t-mold that snaps in a track, fasten that track at the proper height and do it that way.

Kids that don't dry themselves off and dogs?   Tell the kids to use a rag and dry the floor-you can certainly dry the floor after the dogs.


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