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Alternative Septic System Options In AZ

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I dug my test holes and have the Site Investigation report from the county (Yavapai). The report reccomends an alternative system and says The soil absorption rate determined under A.A.C. R18-9-A312(D)(2) is 0.40. The report also says topsoil 1-8' 70% rock with scl in matrix evidence of mottling present throughout indicating seasonal saturation.

I know the Elgin GSF pad system is popular in the area. I did a preliminary design on paper based on their design manual and came up needing 240ft of trench equating to over $7,000 for the pads, fabric and clamps not including anything else. Granted it is a big system 48 fixture count and 1,050 Design Flow the materials alone are coming out to ~13,000 not including any labor, fees or digging.

Does anyone know of any other alternative systems that would work for my conditions that are maybe more affordable?



Looking at the tables the (post #215526, reply #1 of 5)

Looking at the tables the country provides for sizing conventional trenches and chambers. I am not seeing what the issue is for 0.4 SAR and I have lots of space on my 4 acre lot. There is a lot of rock and some clay but if I can dig down deep enough and the SAR is 0.4 I'm not seeing why they are reccomending an alternative system.

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Why can't you use a aerobotic system? We use them quite a bit since we have heavy clay soils. Typical cost is about $2500 turn key.


Thanks for the (post #215526, reply #3 of 5)

Thanks for the reccomendation. I am looking at doing just that now. At first I was having trouble finding someone that would design an aerobic system but I think I foud a guy now.

Looks like my issue is signs of seasonal saturation that is keeping me from doing a conventional system.

Here in south Florida if our (post #215526, reply #4 of 5)

Here in south Florida if our soil won't perc they dig out where the tank and  drainfield go and replace the soil with a particulat sand called 'perc sand."  

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Its like pulling teeth to get (post #215526, reply #5 of 5)

Its like pulling teeth to get anyone to give me prices on aerobic system treatment tanks around here. I was able to get a quote from one distributor and it came out to cost more than the engineered pad system so it seems like a no brainer to use it not only for initial cost but also for its no moving parts or air pump that uses electricity. This system lookied very promising as it has no moving parts but it also costs more than the engineered pad system and looks like it probably reuires more maintnance than pads promising