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American Standard No Good?

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Just Installed new American Standard Hampton faucet set. Faucet, 2 valve bodies and sprayer.

First off,  one of the flat rubber rings tha fits under the escutcheon was so bady mis formed that I could not use it. None in the hardware stores. I called A.S. They said they only had one left and it was also deformed.

Second, the faucet came with 2 hoses attached that go to the valve bodies. One of them leaked a lot as soon as I turned the water supply on. The rubber inside the hose end was missing. Pulled one out af a spare house I had to fix it.

Third, We were told the set would work with our sink's 4-1/2" hole spacing. The above hoses really need a 90 degree fitting on the end that attaches to the valve body. The hose had to be bent a lot to work on that spacing.

Fourth, The sprayer hose is dripping where it connects under the faucet.

A plumber told me that is pretty common for those sprayers. Is that so? Now that I think of it the original faucet set was a cheapo made by Banner. It never leaked.

Is my experience typical or just a fluke?

Fifth, the American Standard is made in Mexico. Did not know that when we ordered it. If they continue to market shoddy materials they should change their name to Mexican Substandard.

Ford used to manufacture the Focus in Mexico, Reviewers noted poor fit and finish. Then Ford returned engine production to the US. Now the Focus is entirely assembled in Michigan.


Why did you not just return (post #207182, reply #1 of 2)

Why did you not just return the faucet set after the second or third problem?

(And I've got to say that we installed an American Standard Cadet 3 toilet about 3 years back and it's been fantastic.)

(Plus I'd much soooner have stuff made in Mexico than made in China.)

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Re: Why (post #207182, reply #2 of 2)

>Why did you not just return the faucet set after the second or third problem?

Well that would entail reinstalling the old set, then taking it out, and installing another set.

>(Plus I'd much soooner have stuff made in Mexico than made in China.)

The cheapo Banner faucet was made in China. No such problems with it.

Actually, I don't see much difference between Mexico and China. I would have no problem w/made in Mexico if the quality was not substandard.

I don't care where something is built as long as it is good.

Thinking about going with a Moen. Please don't tell me it's made in Mexico or China.

If I did this for a living, I would have lost money installing this American Standard Faucet.


We had very good service with a Ford Escort. 4 years later it was no longer in production. We looked into a Ford Focus.  It was made in Mexico. Escort in Michagin. The focus got poor reports on fit and finish. We bought a Toyota. Later on Ford moved the Focus engine production back to the US. Now the Focus is built in Michigan.