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Attaching trim to stucco

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I'm trying to figure out the best way to attach some wood trim around some windows on a stucco wall. Is there a way to do that will hold up over time without cracking the stucco? The walls are pretty smooth so the trim would lie flush against them.

Thanks very much for any suggestions.

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If you don't want to cut the stucco and then break it away what I would do would be to use deck "screws" and SCREW the trim up countersinking the screw heads . I'd also use a poyurethane construction adhesive in my caulking gun behind the trim. USing screws will allow you to control how the trim goes up and the glue will help fill voids behind it besides helping waterproof it. Then use a good caulk / silicone around all sides of the trim

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I love McFeely's square drive screws.  They have a "finish screw" that has such a small head on it that it will penetrate trim the way a finish nail would without the the banging.  I think it would be ideal in your application.

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Thanks for the replies, Andy and Ed. Screwing them in makes sense and seems pretty simple (famous last words). Would you recommend pre-drilling through the stucco? I'd like to do whatever possible to minimize cracks in the stucco around the window.

Much appreciated,


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Any precaution is worth while. Predrilling certainly wouldnt hurt. While youre at it drill in for counter sinking the heads of the screws and use a good epoxy filler being that its outside/ Minwax makes a good one. Two parts. Easy to form and easy to sand. Most all lumberyards carry it as do the boxes.

MAke sure you seriously seal the top piece of trim. I made all my own ext casings( see my website below for pix and click on the link that says "Windows and Doors) and over the top head piece I  crafted a 1 1/4" (just proud of the 3/4" head casing)wood cap with a bevel to come flush with the house pointing it downward over the casing to have the water run off. I used a metal drip cap over that under my cedar siding. You wont be able to do that but I'd reccomend that wood top piece anyway sealed with 100% silicone to the stucco just to help devert the rain. It looks good too..A bit more detail (and work  : )

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for taking the time to provide the additional suggestions. I went over to your website and was impressed not only with the work you do and the beautiful way you set up your site, but also with your philosophy of living and working with "respect and creativity." As a relative newcomer to this profession, I've observed a broad spectrum of "craftsmanship", and I definitely aspire to the high standards and care with which you seem to build. It's an inspiration.

Thanks again,

Steve Harding