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average? cabinet drawer size

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I know this sounds backwards, but if one was to construct several drawers at once, for workshop and kitchen base cabinets what would be the "average" size?

I plan on building the base cabinets at a later point but I have all the sheet goods (1/2" melamine (good 2 sides) laminated particle board for the workshop and 1/2 prefinished maple, good 2 sides for the kitchen) for the drawers taking up space and would like to bang them out now and make the case units later.

Cabinets will be face frame construction, full inset drawers (I plan to anyway), full ext. bb glides.

The way I figure it base cabinets are 24" deep, 36" high (minus 3.5" for 2x4 toe kick, and 1.5" for counter top=31" high carcase. FF will be say 1.75", so 3 rails for 3 drawers= 4.25".

Maybe depth of drawers 20", height 5.5" for 2 top drawers and 12" high for a deeper bottom drawer?. Any suggestions on width? or ht. or depth?

Just contemplating this and would appreciate any feedback.


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Won't a bunch of pre-built drawers take up more space than the sheet goods?

The finished drawer width depends on the three things. 1-Cabinet width (24",30",36"); 2-Frame width (looks like your using 1.75"); 3-slide requirements.(generally 1/2 of side mount)

Cabinet width less two face frame widths less two slides
24"-3 1/2"-1" = 19 1/2"

look at the slide styles you like and go from there. Under-mount don't need as much side clearance.

It's late and I've had a couple of Shiners but I think that is right.

TFB (Bill)
TFB (Bill)