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Awning ideas for exterior stairwell

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My house has an exterior stairwell to the basement that was probably installed after the house was built (no concrete header over the doorway--see pic). I want to install some sort of awning over it because there's no drain at the bottom. The plan is to remove pipe railings, attach a few 4x4 beams, and put up a shingled or polycarbonate roof out past the width of the stairwell, leaving the sides open. The only problem that I can see is that the bathroom window (on the top right) is just under 7' to the base, and any awning would have little or no slope underneath it if I want to walk under it without stooping. Any ideas? Should I think more grandly and put the awning over the windows instead, making them jut out much further?

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Unless you have a hewavy snowfall, the polycarbonate in the two or three ply would be substantial and not need much slope.


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