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Backdraft Damper For Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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I broke the backdraft damper in my second floor bathroom exhaust fan.  It's ceiling mounted and has attic ductwork that exits through the roof.  I have to replace some of the attic ductwork which I think has rusted out.... telltale damp spots on the ceiling.  While doing the ductwork I figured that maybe I could install an inline backdraft damper to replace the one I broke.  Anybody ever do this?  Brand recommendations?


Mainly you want a style that (post #215933, reply #1 of 2)

Mainly you want a style that will fit, and not be too hard to install.

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I found one at a local HVAC (post #215933, reply #2 of 2)

I found one at a local HVAC supply company.  It's installed and working.  Bought the replacement ductwork there too.  Better quality stuff than the Big Box stores.