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bamboo barrier

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Hi Folks,

I'm attempting to contain some big timber bamboo in a fairly large area on a hillside. My problem is that the slope of the hill varies as it rises, the steepest part being at the top. This means that the typical plastic barrier stuff that bamboo suppliers sell will not conform to the hillside. 

I'm thinking of digging the trench up the two sloping boundries of the grove and doing sections of pressure treated plywood, overlapping the joints and sealing with construction adhesive, (and screws). Any idea how long a good quality pressure treated plywood lasts when buried? Also, does that stuff adhere with PL? Any concerns with this plan?

Any other thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


What you probably want is (post #216329, reply #1 of 2)

What you probably want is "foundation grade" or "ground contact" plywood.  It's designed for continuous ground contact.

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Nothing will keep it (post #216329, reply #2 of 2)

Nothing will keep it contained. My brother used 30" conveyer belt but the bamboo still sent shoots up 30' away. It's easy to control if you run over the new shoots with a mower or wack them off with a machete. 

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