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Bifold door for bathroom?

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I have been thinking about replacing the bathroom door with a bifold door.  There are times I use the bathroom with the door open - when drying my hair for example. The open door makes the small space even smaller. A pocket door won't work. Is a bifold door a really bad idea? Thanks for your thoughts. Michaelene

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I don't like them anywhere at all.  Some guests may object if you have a nosey dog like mine, he can open a safe, so a bifold is just asking for a surprise visit when someone is on the throne.

Cold wet nose and all that..LOL

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A friend of mine has one on his b-room.  He's got a 2 year old boy too.........don't know how many times that kid has surprised me on the pot!




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When in doubt, get a bigger hammer!

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Didn't think about kids and dogs coming in unexpectedly (Don't have either here!)

So, there isn't a way to put a lock on the door in closed position? Is that it?



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I think you could create a secure closing mechanism - but I've not seen one yet myself.  I was thinking about a pocket door for the master bath myself, with a latch at the top and bottom of the door instead of next to the knob.  I think I would have to custom build that door to make it work.

Actually, the simplest way to keep it closed it to have the old fashined "beam" that when placed would go across both doors and keep the bi-fold from folding. 

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I'll be replacing an out-opening bathroom door for a lady next week.  I gave her the option of shifting the swing into the br, but she likes the extra room with the door open.  Her door also opens against bypass closet doors.

Here's a (tacky) recommmendation, though no hard feelings if the thought is discarded.  I did a bathroom renovation a few years ago for an elderly lady in a very cramped house (the washer and dryer were stacked in the linen closet in the bathroom.)  To make room, she had an accordian door with some kind of latch (can't remember how it worked) for a bathroom door.  Saved space, but it seemed cheesy and didn't appear to provide a lot of 'security'.


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"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."  Invictus, by Henley.

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Taking the door right off would give you more privacy

Do you have room to reverse the swing on the door, to open out?



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Changing the door from swinging into the bathroom to swinging out of the bathroom was actually my first thought. It didn't get a great reception. What do you think?

Just outside the bathroom is a hall closet on one side and a bedroom door on the other side. If the bathroom door swung out, it would end in front of the the hall closet door.

I don't think that's such a big deal. The hall closet door is almost always shut. If that bathroom door were open, you'd just have to move (close) the bathroom door before opening the hall closet door.

I suppose there might be some chance that someone in the bathroom opening the bathroom door might hit a person opening the hall closet door or standing in front of the open hall closet door.

That's what caused me to think about a bifold door.


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Get your self some cardboard and a hunk of cardboard to make a temp 'door in that position for a couple of days. it won't be long before you know if you'd be happy with it.
The biggest problem would be if somebody is runnning down the ahall when you are openning it out



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One thing to consider is that prior to bifold doors beciming only commercial units, and mostly louvered and cheap units intended for closets, there was more variety.

I vaguely remember seeing a real high quality unit. Might have been in Colonial Williamsberg or perhaps one of the sites in Japan. As I remember it it was a sturdy solid core door painted black and split with quite a lot of solid looking heavy brass hardware. There was a sturdy locking mechanism to bar entrance. I remember it as a solid bar all the way across both panels that hooked into the door frame opposite the hinges but maybe not. This door had no louvers or other openings. A good thing in your situation as no one wants to hear aunt Minnie have a quick 'blowout' and flush.

I figure if you could build, or have built, a sturdy and high quality bifold, good solid wood and lots of hinges and hardware, the result would be far superior to the flimsy big box louvered units that have become identified with the term.

I don't think a bifold, of any conventional design, will ever match the security of a good quality regular swinging door but your only trying to keep out inquisitive six year olds and Labrador retreivers not Freddie Krugger.

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I just took out a new solid 36' dr and put in a pair of 18"  doors  swinging out. Homeowner wanted to see entire bathroom when entering.She was extremely pleased with results.

You can put throw bolts at the top and they work against rambunctious kids.




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