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Building wire mesh deck railing

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I want to re-create a terrific looking deck railing I saw in FL.  The field between the newel/deck posts was filled with galvanized wire mesh, 3x3 or so, that was sandwiched in a wood frame.  What I saw did NOT have a traditional wide top rail <it was part of a screened porch and whoever designed it didn't include a wide top rail, i.e. a drink ledge>.  It was a very clean look for a deck/porch that needed something other than the traditional vertical balusters.  I've searched and searched but can't find anything on ideas of how this is constructed.  I'm curious how to "stretch" the wire and attach it to the frames, essentially in a "sandwich" with wood frames on the outside and the wire mesh inside.  I don't recall if the perimeter of this sandwich was closed with another wood frame to cover the gap created by the wire.  Also not sure, how to attach the frames to the deck posts without extensive fitting and scribing.  Any helpful ideas on this type of rail construction or link to other resources would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks...

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Just did a deck using 3x3 galv screening last year. Actually its hog panels from Tractor Supply. Its very stiff stuff ;wires were either 10or 12 gauge.I kerfed out the 2x4 Pt "rails and stiles" the thickness of the lapped wire joints and made all top and bottom cuts flush with grid pattern of course ends dont always work like this including where we uded it on bias down stairs. Cedar would be lot nicer to work with since PT is crapola and when u kerf it the slots will get bigger when moisture zooms outta there(similar to pre=checking kerfs made by oriental temple builders.We waited for most of that to happen and then siliconed the kerfs on the bottom rails.Guess u could make a sandwich of 2 boards lapping joints for panels.

Went into it feeling iy was kinda hokey but looked pretty cool after was done.see if i can find some pics. Hope any of this helps.

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this is a railing that was done for one of my deck projects.  Top cap is IPE, the grid is powdercoated steel and the uprights/posts are alum.  Archy designed it and metal fabricator constructed it.

There are several mfg's who stock WWM (welded wire mesh) or will fabricate it to your specifications, for what I thought was a reasonable price. 

one such company, though I didn't purchase from them, is Phoenix Wire Cloth in Troy, MI.

Do an online search and you will find much info.





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I ordered some 3 x 3 Galvanized recently to build a fence in my yard, and the best price and service I got was from Belleville Wire Cloth, in New Jersey.


Thats their website, I would highly recomend.