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Can anyone explain an "island basement"

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I've been looking at narrow lot house plans in those big plan books at the bookstores.  In the section where the "foundation type" is listed, a few of the house plans have what they call an "island basement".  My feeling is that this name refers to the type of foundation that might be built under a house built on tropical islands in some parts of the world.  These particular houses seem to be 3 stories tall and narrow.  I don't think it is a pier foundation (with which I am slightly familiar), because there were other plans in the book which were listed as having pier foundations; therefore I don't believe the authors used the terms interchangably. 

Can anyone out there offer a fairly simple explanation of what an "island basement" is?  How does it differ from pier foundations?  I read Taunton's  book on foundations a few months ago, and I'm certain that the term was not used in that book at all.

Thanks for any help and illumination anyone might be able to offer. 

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I did some googleing and found this reference, note all of the links are dead.

And some examples.

It appears to just be a raised foundation.

In fact I found it defined here.

I gather that it might be on piers or solid walls.

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That's like, ya know, one of them Bomb Shelters they build in the '50s, ya know, maaaaan.

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