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can I clip the roofing nails coming through to my attic?

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hey y'all. i'm moving into a new house + was hoping to turn the attic into a home office. when i looked around up there, i saw all the nails coming through from the roof into the attic. I was reading that you can clip these nails, is that true? will it not affect the roofing? i wanted to paint the walls completely white to brighten the room up, but with the nails coming through i don't think i can! 

How long are the nails?  If (post #215722, reply #1 of 1)

How long are the nails?  If they are only a half-inch or so there's no point ().  Simply apply a layer of styrofoam insulation or even corrugated cardboard to cover them.

There is a slight danger in cutting them that you could cause a few to dislodge, leading to leaks.c

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