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Can I lay insulation over and around recessed lighting in my attic?

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My kitchen has six recessed "can lights" that are flush with the cieling, but obviously extend 11 inches into the attic space above the kitchen. 

I bought this house in November, as a fixer-upper, and during the home inspection, the inspector did show me photos of that area of the kitchen cieling from inside the attic. There is zero insulation over the whole kitchen. And you can tell that there is no insulation there, because these 11 in deep lighting housings and all the electrical wires connecting them all together would make adding insulation cumbersome and awekward. 

I have no experience with insulation. I would never want to blow in insulation over hot lighting cans and electical wires if insulation might e flamable in some way. What do people do in a situation like this. My kitchen is scorchingly hot, and you can literally feel the heat if you touch the kitchen ceiling. 

If (and it's a big IF) the (post #215215, reply #1 of 2)

If (and it's a big IF) the cans are rated for "insulation contact" then you can place most forms of insulation directly around them.  Modest care does need to be taken to prevent insulation frorm being blown through small openings in the can.

If the fixtures are NOT rated for insulation contact (if they're rated it will say so on a label on the outside) then you must build some sort of a box around them.

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If  the cans are not both (post #215215, reply #2 of 2)

If  the cans are not both air tight and rated for insulation contact, build a box around them, seal it up, and then insulate.

Here is a start: