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Can a tree stump grow larger roots

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Near Lake Arrowhead (crestline, ca) a large (100'?) pine tree had buckled out a granite stone retaining wall. So Cal Edison the electric company removed it because it was leaning towards power lines. So, my question is: is it dead, or will it continue to buckle the wall. Some locals have told me they have seen green sprouts on 'dead stumps' so they advise taking out the roots (a huge job I want to avoid) . Dead or not dead?

Is it truly a "pine" tree, or (post #207241, reply #1 of 3)

Is it truly a "pine" tree, or a 'generic pine' (e.g. any type with needles?)

ALmost all deciduous trees will sprout from stumps, some like cottonwood and alder VERY aggressivly.

Have never seen a true pine or fir sprout from a stump unless a very small dia stump that still has buds on the trunk.

If it dont sprout, it wont grow.

Yeah, the roots won't grow (post #207241, reply #2 of 3)

Yeah, the roots won't grow without green stuff on top.  Some people paint stumps with a herbicide to help prevent this, but probably the best strategy is to simply wait.  If it sprouts, hit it hard with Roundup.

Be aware that the roots will eventually rot and probably (after maybe 10 years) sprout mushrooms annually for 5-10 years.  This is relatively harmless, but some consider it unsightly.

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Just to add (post #207241, reply #3 of 3)

When what pushed out the wall rots away, then the void will fill with something-so the future condition of the wall if left as is, might compromise it further.

But then, so could the excavation and fill if you remove it.

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