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Carpenter Trade test sample questions???

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I'm soon to write the final exam for my Ontario Carpenters ticket. But without the apprenticeship program, simply granfathered through.

I was just wondering if anyone out there had any sample questions of the exam, or any other relevent info pertaining to the final exam. This would be extremely helpful since I'm not quite sure what to expect.

Thanks in advance

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The tuffest part of the exams for me here (BC) were the code related and trig related stuff .

I started my apprenticeship after working in the trade for 5 years and thought I new it all .

Doing the whole training package sure taught me alot that I was never coming coming across on the jobsite. I never would have passed the test without it.

And here atleast you need the apprenticeship to get your interprovincial ticket......good luck............Rik.........