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Chainsaw sharpening question

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Hi, the first two  photos show a chainsaw tooth before and after sharpening.  The second photo shows the file is not hitting the top of the tooth.  I’m using a Husquevsna sharpener (third photo) sized for the chain.
What would cause this?   I’m at the right angle relative to the tooth face and  square to the blade.Could the round file be
worn that much?  Would this happen if I wasn’t square to the blade I.e., have the handle of the sharpener too high so I’m filing down on the tooth?  
thanks, George 

My first thought is chuck (post #215636, reply #1 of 4)

My first thought is chuck that thing and get a Dremel type tool (Harbor Fright maybe) and the proper stone for that chain.

It looks like you were pushing down on the chain and you did not cut straight back, you cut it low.

If you ever try the Dremel, you will never touch a file again.


Set the grinding depth as (post #215636, reply #2 of 4)

Set the grinding depth as shallow as possible, otherwise, you will grind away too much metal, and the chain will not last very long.

You have two angles to be concerned about. The first is the angle as you look down from above. The second is the tilt angle as you look from the nose of the bar back toward the saw. Your manual should describe these angle requirements.

I prefer to use a file and clamp the bar in a vise while filing.

Good luck and be safe.

yeah... (post #215636, reply #3 of 4)

If you're following both the angles like Lucy said and you are applying the guide correctly then my guess is you are pressing down on the file. You put pressure on the file  to the back of the tooth, more up than down.   This is in addition to the file attitude with the horizon which typicall is 0 or 10* down with the file handle. The 0 or 10 depends on the chain type, not just the manufacturer.


George, (post #215636, reply #4 of 4)

I think you file is too small.