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Clearance between oven and cabinets?

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How much clearance is required between kitchen cabinet sides (3/4" plywood) and a typical kitchen oven/stove?  I don't have the manual for the oven, and i'm wondering how little space i can leave, as i'm trying to maximize the space in a small kitchen.



Jesse David

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Jesse David

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Usually 1/8 to1/4 in.


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You can usually look up appliance info online, even for older models. If not, call the manufacturer. The clearance is usually minimal, but find out what the manufacturer specifies.

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Don't forget to factor in what type of countertop material and how you want those inside edges finished.  Sometimes that can make a difference.


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Are you referring to the inside of a built-in oven cabinet?  Or the outside to a cooktop?  Inside a cabinet you basically need enough room to slide the oven in place.  Clearasnce to a cooktop needs a couple of inches.

I'm sorry, I thought you wanted it done the right way.

I'm sorry, I thought you wanted it done the right way.