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Construction Parameters in Pierce County, WA?

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Anyone know what the construction parameters are in Pierce County (frost depth/snow load, etc)?  I'm working on a design for an unheated storage building /workshop/garage and am unsure of what the show load and footing depth requirements are.  The building department website doesn't seem to have the information and that particular building department is notorious for being difficult to deal with.  Hence, before I go to the engineer to stamp my drawings I want to have rafters sized appropriately and the slab properly specced.



Maybe you could call the (post #207421, reply #1 of 2)

Maybe you could call the inspector's office?

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That would be (post #207421, reply #2 of 2)

my first step-short of going there in person.

In many cases-rumors about bldg. departments have been greatly exagerated.

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