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Corian sink with "tube" overflow- how?

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I picked up a very nice used Corian countertop with intregal lavy sink. The sink has a hole for overflow with a tube fitting facing downward. I assume I can just connect a length of plastic tubing to this fitting, but how do I connect the other end to the drain? Are there pop-ups available that are designed for this? The Pop-up included with the Kohler faucet I want to use won't work, as it's designed for a standard overflow. Any suggestions welcome!



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There is a Corian unique tube that is connected to a donut like ring.  The donut ring fits at the bottom of the sink with the faucet drain fitting holding it in place. 

The only place to get the tube is from a Corian dealer.


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I have the same thing in a bathroom countertop w/ intergral sinks.  Believe it or not it was done by HD (EXPO actually) and 10 years later is still perfect.  My sinks have what looks and feels like a silicone tube running from the overflow holes down to the drain tailpiece.  The tube is just siliconed in place.  It seems to work even though we rarely overfill the sinks.

As an aside - is there anything that can be done to clean out an overflow?  These sinks and other "standard" sinks in my house seem to have an odor coming from them when the water is first turned on and flows down the drain.  The overflows in a standard cast sink are odd shaped and I can't figure out how to clean them.  Should I fill the sink to overflowing w/ bleach or some drain cleaner?


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I did a ton of work to try and fix the oder problem. Later I found out that the problem was the liquid soap. There was a nice smell but under that a sewer smell that you could sense on your hand if you tried carefully. I think the good smell masked the bad one but the good smell would normally prevail for the short duration of hand washing. Once below the level of the sink bowl the perfume smell disipated but the sewer odor lingered. This was the smell that was pushed up when water started running into the sink. I had snaked from the sinks and from the two roof stacks, ran the hose down both roof stacks, installed a see thru plastic p trap, removed and destroyed the drain outlet of one sink, detached the glued on sink over flow...Oh, and I did the bleach thing standing in the sink for 5 hours too to no avail.

Check the soap you are using.