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Cost of dormers vs added level(s)

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Hello. I'm looking at property in West Jersey off Rt 78.

The footprint of the home is apx 50x20.

The home is a standard rectangle. Nothing fancy.

Does anyone have a feel for how much it would cost to run dormers along the top floor, so it's doesn't feel like a forced living space. Another option is to raise the ceiling/roof, and/or even add a 3rd floor. What would that cost?

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Not nearly enough info  to (post #216312, reply #1 of 1)

Not nearly enough info  to give you any kind of answer. 2 story or 1? Is the second story attic or living space now? What kind of framing is in the attic? Trusses or conventional?   How big do you want to make dormers?  How many?

Raising the roof or adding a floor would be magnitudes more than adding a few simple dormers.

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