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Cost of Replacement Windows

BeeDub's picture

I received a quote today to replace 3 windows.  One is a 68" x 38" glider kitchen window; one is a 86" x 64" dining room bay window with 2 double hung windows surrounding a picture window; one is a 114" x 54" living room bow window with 5 double hung windows.  The kitchen window is a normal straight installation.  The dining room window will require enlarging the existing opening from 86" x 46" to 86" x 64".  Since there is a deep overhang above this window, closing in the top will be uncomplicated. The living room window will require construction of a roof over the bow as there is no overhang. What was quoted was the Anderson top-of-the line window with their composite wood/polymer framing and full divided light grills on all glass surfaces.  The price quoted was $22,900 for windows and installation.  I was astounded at this price and wonder if I'm being ripped off.  I've never had to do this before so I need some education.  Any opinions about whether this is a fair or unfair price would be appreciated.  Thanks,  BeDub