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Covering gap from smaller light fixture trim kit

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Installing a new light fixture (ceiling) and the new fixture trim kit is smaller than the old. This exposes the edges of the sheetrock and small gap surrounding.

Anyone aware of a universal "escutcheon" type cover or flat trim kit that can be installed first before the new fixture? This would need to be thin.... If so, what is it called as my searches have not yielded what I need....

If all else fails, I thought about use a large whole saw and cut a piece of white vinyl flashing to go under the trim kit. Touching up the ceiling is not an option with the howeowner.



Yes. Lowes, HD in particular sell ceiling medallions (post #207045, reply #1 of 2)

that vary in diameter. 

Yeah, Google "ceiling (post #207045, reply #2 of 2)

Yeah, Google "ceiling medallion".  Lots of options.

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