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Cracked Foundation progress

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 Dealing with a 6 ft crack below ground in my concrete foundation that water comes through. It was about an eighth inch wide throughout. I had at one time thought about epoxy injection as a method to use to fix this crack, but during hurricane Sandy, I got nervous and hoped to do something to fix it in a short turnaround. In so doing I aimed to fill this crack with a cement from the inside of the house. I chiseled the crack to about 2 inches to 2 1/2 inches deep and about 3/4 to an inch wide. Having done this, I don't believe epoxy injection will be possible. I've gotten the feeling that hydraulic cement may crack and not be suitable for this purpose. I visited the local home store and learned of a product called Rapid Set Cement All. I called this company. They recommend this product for the use I've explained. I have several problems with moving forward. First, they suggest I use an angle grinder to cut an inverted "V" in the crack. I had used an air chisel. They told me that could cause more damage- not recommended. They tell me there are angle grinders with vacuum attachments made to capture the dust. I know this dust is hazardous, I have a mask, but I want to do the best I can to eliminate it from being kicked up in the house. I have an angle grinder, but it has no such attachment. I'm hoping that this forum can help me sort out the best method to use moving forward and the remaining issues.

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The hydrulic cement is not a problem.  I did the same thing years ago, and the fix never lasted very long.  I finaly called a firm to do the epoxy injection and explained the situation with the crack.  They told me to remove the patch and they could fix the crack.  I did.  They did.  No problem.  Got a lifetime warrenty, transferable to the subsequent home onwers.

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You understand the need to cut the inverted V ?  This will help keep the patch within the foundation-it can't push out when water and the presssure behind it builds up.

Whether it lasts is a question I cannot answer.


If you do want to proceed with cutting into the foundation with an angle grinder and a thin diamond blade (segmented), here's what works to keep the mess down.

Tent around you and the crack with drop cloths, sealed as best you can.  Use a Niosh100 mask, but you will be collecting most of the dust with this simple homemade attachment (if you can't find the grinder with shroud and vac hookup.

Take a 1/2 plastic milk jug, cut 3 sides of the bottom loose, fold the bottom down.  Tape the spout end to your vacuum hose (use a hepa vac to collect and not blow out dust). 

Note the direction of blade movement, slide the metal shroud (on most grinders) around to direct the dust down and away (you'll know soon enough if you did that right).  Hold the milk jug with that folded down bottom right up against that metal shroud.

Cut and suck.


Wear the best mask you can find, eye protection and hang onto the grinder with two hands.

Best of luck.


Water misting might work, something to think about and use a wet dri vac.

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