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Crawlspace and Drainage Question

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I own a 1997 home in Charlotte, NC.  It has an ATMOX crawlspace ventilation system installed.   I have three problems I would like an opinion on.

a.  There is a pier near the center of the house that doesn’t look right.  I’ve enclosed two photos.  The bottom is stacked off center and the shims at the top seem inadequate. 

b.  I have five original crawlspace vents across the front of the house.  I’m guessing they were capped around the time the ATMOX was installed. Three of the five seem okay, two are showing water seepage.  I was wondering if there was a better solution to sealing off those vents. (photo attached)  Brick them in?   Foam board?

c.  I think that water seepage could be a result of, or compounded by, the close proximity of my neighbors HVAC condensation drain to my house (about 12ft, with a downward slope).  I’ve heard that an HVAC during the summer in North Carolina can put out about 20 gallons of water per day.  The consistecy of the ground between that corner of our houses is very saturated mud.   I get along well with my neighbor and would like to propose a mutual solution to him. (photos attached)