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Crumbling stoop

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I have an old concrete stoop @ my front door, with the face & top crumbling.     Anyone have a 'bulletproof' fix for something like this?    Open to any ideas that will improve its curb appeal.


Jeff (post #210143, reply #1 of 2)

The easy answer, tear it out and start over.

if it's deteriorated bad enough and the riser heights etc. are out of whack, now's the time to change it.  Curb appeal with an added touch of safety.


prep the old real good and buy bags of concrete patch etc. 


probably don't use vinyl, as it sets too quick for a larger job.

clean it REAL good.

pre dampen the whole stoop.

paint on a concrete glue (or white glue or plaster weld.

after you're  done and it sets a bit (but not dry),  cover with old pretty damp towels.  Keep them wet for a few days/a weeks.

just slopping it on w/o the above and it'll flake off after the first winter.  Shoveling the snow instead of salting the ice helps also........if in that climate.

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I had pretty good luck (post #210143, reply #2 of 2)

I had pretty good luck resurfacing a badly spalled stoop with whatever product looked good from Menards.  Not perfect, but much better than it was when new -- our contractor did it all himself and was not a hot shot mason.

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