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De Scaling a hot water boiler

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I have a residential Crown hot water boiler which has a scale buildup (hard water).  What is the best way to get rid of this scale?

Thanking everyone in advance for ideas / experiences.

I think any solution will (post #210141, reply #1 of 3)

I think any solution will involve some sort of acid.  Either that or very small ferrets.

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mineral solvent (post #210141, reply #2 of 3)

I've been using Rydlyme for dissolving hard water scale for the past 30 years. This product, sold by Apex Engineering, is safe to handle, biodegradeable, effective, and is free of voc's. 

  Your boiler may have a bigger issue if the heating water reservoir has mineral deposits; any iron boiler, and, ferrous components, will corrode rather quickly if they are subject to continuous replenishment of fresh oxygen / mineral laden water. Pressurized, closed loop heating systems are meant to operate using the same fluid over and over. This fluid ( typically mostly h2o ), is rendered inert by repeated heatings in a closed loop heating system, and loses its ability to corrode iron.

     I suspect you may have a mineral build - up in the domestic hot water tankless coil; Rydlyme is the perfect solution......     

Thank you (post #210141, reply #3 of 3)

Thanks for the tip on Rydlyme. I assume the container will give mixing and use instructions.  What happen was that my pressure regulator wasn't set right so the pressure valve  kept opening letting more water into what should have been a closed loop system.  And as luck had it, my water softener was clogged so I went for awhile with hard water entering the system.   Hopefully if I clean it out, the cast iron boiler won't rust.


Thanks again for your help, much appreciated.