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Does anyone know where or how to find a discontinued brick that was manufactured by Boral Bricks? The brick contained cream colored specks of  fire clay and was called Raleigh Tavern. I am doing a remodel on a fantastic Prarie Style home and need to come up with a close match. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Your two best bets are to contact Boral directly for leads to potential stock buried somewhere and to directly contact all the brickyards in an ever-widening area from your location. Once in a while someone will have a broken cube stuffed in the back lot. You could also check with salvage firms, not because they demo and collect older brick but because they might have bought up remaining new stock.

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I know this was an old post, but for anyone reading this....

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I know that this is a very old post, but how did you make out? Were you able to find that brick?