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dozier /backhoe work prices

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I do dozier and backhoe work for contractors in middle Tennessee.The dozier is a mid-sized(a little smaller than a D-4 Cat) and I get $70 per hour.The backhoe I get $60 an hour and about $2500 for a standard septic system.I was curious as to what people around the country are paying for residential equiptment work?

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In Northern Michigan, an operated dozer will cost 75.00 to 100.00 per hour. This will get you a decent piece of equipment (cat d3 to d6) and a talented operator. There are cheaper ones around. I know of a guy that charges 45.00 an hour for rough grade work, but he runs a 50's vintage cat cable 8 that breaks down quite often.

Use your market as a guide, and don't sell yourself short if you can do the work.

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Here's a guy that does dirt/rock locally and has prices on his website. Everyone here charges the same.

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D6 $100 an hour with operator. septic system tank lines gravel installed $1200

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" $2500 for a standard septic system."

I really don't know anything about septic systems, but it this a reasonable comparions.

My guess is that due to the difference in digging conditions and also the difference in perk rates (whcih affect the size of the system) that any comparisons would be meaningless.

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I guess you've heard about our 15 - $20,000 systems here then.

Rates run from 50-60 for backhoe, to 75 for dozer, to about 95 for a medium sized excavator. There aren't many backhoes left. the excavators do twice the work better.


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Just wondering, what is a "standard septic system"?  I am looking to build my house this summer, Just south of Ann Arbor, MI.   It will require a septic system.  The pricing I have been getting is about $5,500 for a complete system 2-tanks and the field 1,600sq ft (3'-5' deep) installed.  My problem is that my land perks anywhere between 9and 14 feet.  So I have been told add $600 per foot.  What does your standard system include?  If we are comparing apples to apples, I wish you were here in Mi!!



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you cant compare apple to apples. It depends on the health dept in your area. Mine two years ago was $1240 installed including all labor and material.

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Hey there, former Ann Arborite here, and I've got a friend with an old farm near town. When it came time to re-do his system to current standards it turned out that his land wouldn't perk very well at all, leading to a standoff with the Washtenaw County folks that I don't think has ever been resolved. But the house has been there 150 years so what can they do...