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Drawer Slide Recommendation: Shop Grade Cabinets

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I'm re-building a workshop, replacing sheet metal base cabinets with shop made boxes and drawer slides. 

Many of the drawers will be light load, screw drivers, chisels, etc.  Others will be stocked heavy stuff, wrenches, sockets, hammers, etc.  So many of them will need a weight rating exceeding 100 lbs.

For ease of layout and set up, I'd like to single source the slides. 

Usual suspects are Accuride, Knape & Vogt, Blum, and Centerline.  I'm very familiar with Blum Undermounts for kitchen cabinets, but the weight capacity of some of the drawers might exceed 100 pounds.  I've used Accuride before and like them, as long as I make a template/jig. 

What are your favorite drawer slides and why?

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I really like the KV8400 (post #215230, reply #1 of 2)

I really like the KV8400 series....made in USA.  I used Accuride when the KV's were out of stock.  The KV's were more forgiving than the Accurides 

I have used the Blum under (post #215230, reply #2 of 2)

I have used the Blum under mounts for all my cabinets.  The 75 Lb. rating (I believe) is adequate for anything I have stored in them including  a case of glass soda bottles at 24 count.

For pricing it is a toss up between and A & H turf.