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Duplex: Two into One

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I'm considering opening up a duplex to create a larger single instead of two small homes -  basically a four-square 1st floor with two passages front and rear but otherwise the central wall is pretty much the same.    Any thoughts would be appreciated - especially photos, personal experiences or suggested floor plans.    Existing units are typical LR/DR/Kitchen set-up.  Home is a  brick Victorian that needs work but has tons of potential.  I can be contacted at GRAPP6@COMCAST.NET     Thanks 

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That can work well.  Are you going to try to live in it and work on it, or is it vacant?  It's hard to recommend anything floorplan wise without seeing your existing floorplan.  But the one thing to think about is what to do with the extra kitchen.  Perhaps use it as a kitchen while you work on the keeper kitchen, then turn it into a laundry room. 



-- J.S.




-- J.S.


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Ive done two that way but several into duplexes from single. Its really more profitable to bust one to two and not very servicable closing to one .

The reasons ;

As John stated the obvious kitchen and changing it to hopefully a mud bath /utlility. Of course it has to have 3 inch drian pipe to have a JOHN.

The halls dont connect to bedrooms normally and usually there is a problem in the living areas If the kitchens adjoin wrong  then its weird . It helps to have a crawl space to move plumbing around . Sometimes slabs exit the process.

We need a floor plan to give advice as I feel like Im in a crap shoot.




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I like it, if you can afford it. Which it sounds like you can. How bout some more details, what city, lay of the land and stuff?

I live in one that's an ongoing project. Hey that way you always have a job, but sometimes the boss is a crank.

Spend a good deal of time laying out the game plan, and a realistic budget.

Needs good sq',good neighborhood, good yard, good neighbors, good bones,ect,ect.