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epoxy to fill cracks

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looks like th eknot forum is dead.  of couse breaktime is nearly dead, but I hope a few still linger here.

I have several raw cut timbers from which I wish to make smooth finished mantle, support, and shelf pieces.  I will use a router to plain themn flat and smooth, but...............  I have several large and deep cracks.  some 3/4 to 1/2 inch wide  8  feet long.  I wish to fill with epoxy. 

What epoxy?

What dyes can I use?

ANd can I or should I use backer rod in the cracks?  These cracks are massive and deep.  I wil  need a boat load of epoxy?  Should I use backer rod?




hmmm... (post #216116, reply #1 of 3)

I think I would use bondo, cheaper and easier to use. You can paint it after it's cured with hobby paint and brushes to look like it belongs there.


Saw a guy at a craft show who (post #216116, reply #2 of 3)

Saw a guy at a craft show who was taking old fence post tops and filling all of the craks with colored epoxy and then turning them into bowls and cups was very interesting. and very attractive.  He will be at the farmers market again this saturday.  Feel free to stop by and ask him. :)

But seriously the point is that expoxy will work and you can color it as you wish.  You just have to find out the right type so hit up your personal spying system (search engine) and let them know what you are up to so they can feed you hundreds of industrial supply ads.

I've had really great (post #216116, reply #3 of 3)

I've had really great experiences with West System you can add thickners to the epoxy that will get it to a peanut butter type consistency which should fill the top of the cracks. You can always add more after the first batch kicks off. There are tons of different types of fillers from graphite (black finish) to just mixing in sawdust to mimick the wood color. You can experiment  quite a bit until you find something you like.