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Existing blown in attic insulation and adding more???

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I just finished sealing up all the entry holes in the top of the walls where pipes and wires run through as well as sealing all the can fixtures and the 2x4s that form the top of the wall where the sheet rock is attacted and the ceiling joists sit on ( dont recall the proper name) sorry

anyhoo..... I have about six inches of grey blown in material, there are shields over the soffet holes and i could easilly spray in another six inches


can i do this? An what material should i use?   I will try an do it myself



If the "grey blown in (post #206979, reply #1 of 2)

If the "grey blown in material" is soft and fluffy it's most certainly cellulose.  In some parts of the country you can purchase bales of cellulose and rent/borrow a blower from a "big box" building supply store to do the job yourself.  In other parts of the country cellulose is difficult to get hold of (which is strange, since it's superior to fiberglass in most regards).

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Yes you can do that - see the (post #206979, reply #2 of 2)

Yes you can do that - see the post above.  

Three things you should do:

  1. Extend those air chutes higher.  You can buy additional ones at the big box stores.  They don't have to match perfectly, they just need to keep the cellulose from blocking off the airflow from the bottom of the roof.
  2. Buy a bunch of yardsticks and set them down to the drywall through the cellulose - secure them so they don't fall over.  These are your depth guages so you can fill your whole space evenly
  3. Go to to find out how much insulation you should add.  Cellulose is about R3.5 per inch.
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