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Expanded metal lath and morter interior wall cracks.

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The house is an old 1943 army barracks, the interior of outside perimiter walls and ceilings are all metal lath with a morter/concrete finnish, troweled smooth.  There are several cracks the length of the ceiling and throughout several walls.  I was wondering if there is any remedy for these cracks.  The picture is the left side of the window casing.


To a professional plasterer (post #207356, reply #1 of 2)

To a professional plasterer it would be a simple job. If you're wanting to do it yourself I'd say the simplest solution would be to watch some You Tube videos on stucco repair and have at it. You won't be able to hurt it bad enough that a pro couldn't fix it if it came to that. You at Kaneohe?

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living in texas now. (post #207356, reply #2 of 2)

living in texas now.