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Exterior Stairs Rise Height Question

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The plan is to install a set of 3 step pre-cast exterior stairs.  In order to make sure the ground pad is set at the proper height the total rise needs to be calculated.   When measuring the total rise, is the top of the rise the interior finished floor surface or the door threshold?  The door threshold is slightly above interior finished floor height but does have an outer lip that has a slight downward slope. 

In theory the rise is (post #215072, reply #1 of 5)

In theory the rise is calculated from one finish surface to the other. The threshhold would not be a consideration.  Unfortunately you do not descirbe all the details needed.  For instance, where there is an exterior door the code (in your scenario)  requires a landing. The landing is, presumably, be at the same elevation as the interior finish floor. The door's threshhold usually is not a factor in this kind of calculation. Let's see what others say. Please post a photo. Thanks

Mel Fros

When you step out the door (post #215072, reply #2 of 5)

When you step out the door the landing is 1 step down.  The landing is not at the same elevation as the interior finish floor.  I have seen the type of landing you are referring to on houses that are built on slabs i.e. no basement.  All the houses that have basements have the landing 1 step down from the doorway.  The house I am referring to has a basement. 

NEED PHOTO (post #215072, reply #3 of 5)

Please post a photo. It does not matter what the other houses have. What matters is the IRCode. This is a safety issue.Please check the IRC 2012 for the minimum number of risers that DO NOT require a landing. From memory, I think it is one, with a 7.75" rise max. Anthing more, as I recall, requires a landing at the door. Please check R311 and 312 of the IRC2012 (I am working off a note, not the IRC...sorry).

Mel Fros

There is a landing.  When (post #215072, reply #5 of 5)

There is a landing.  When you are leaving the house you are stepping down onto the landing.  I'll post a picture.

Measure to the top of (post #215072, reply #4 of 5)

Measure to the top of whatever surface your foot encounters as you step off the last step.

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