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Fantech exterior mount kitchen exhaust

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Hello.  Fantech makes an exhaust box that mounts on outside wall.  I'm looking into this because motor can't be found to replace the original that is worn out.  Motor repair shop can replace the bearing, but can't say how much longer it will work.

I like to keep this hood.

Fantech rates above exhaust for 140 degrees F., but I have doubts if 140 degrees is enough for kitchen range exhaust.

Is anybody using this and having any temperature cut out problems?

Thank you in advance.

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I've put in a couple of Thermador exterior exhaust fans-both for an indoor grilling system.  Never thought about (was directed to install and approved by inspection) the thing, know nothing about temp rating, but...........

If they still make them, check into their spec's.


I've had some good luck talking with the tech's at Fantech.  I'd give them a call with your concerns.  I don't think they'd steer you wrong to make a sale you won't be satisfied with.

Remember, room air will mix with the heat over the range.  That very well could temper it below that 140 you think you might have.

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Thank you for the advice.  I (post #207136, reply #2 of 2)

Thank you for the advice.  I thought there'd be more people using it.  I thought of calling Fantech, but I value the real world experiences even more. 

Your positive experiences with Fantech is encouraging.