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First post and two questions. License exam information and cost of framing labor/sq'?

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This is my first post in the FH forum. I would like to pit these two questions in the proper forum(s):

I'm looking to get my NC residential GC license again. I had it 20+ years ago but gave it up due to the lack of use. I will need to take the exam again and things have changed dramatically since when I took it last. Back then I was given the study material list by the NC board of licensing and it was a matter of getting these materials and studying them before taking the test. There were a couple of seminars available at local community colleges and I attended one of these. I passed the test on the first try but it was a difficult test for sure (a saliva test if a challenge for me :)). In looking to prepare for the test now I've found that navigating the labyrinth of companies that offer "help" is as much work as studying. I can decide if I want to use a company for preparing never mind which one. It also seems that spending $1K+ on books is unavoidable? Is there anyone that has taken the NC test since the interweave was invented and caused all these companies to crop up?

I'm also curious about the cost per square foot for rough framing. If there are framers or contractors in the eastern half of NC that can educate me on this I'd be very grateful. 


Howard C