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Fix a water service pipe in basement wall...

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Fix a water service pipe in basement wall... (post #215837)

My house was not so finely built. As an inveterate DIY'er, I usually fix issues myself... but for this one, I'll need to hire someone. What do I want to see a qualified contractor do here?

Issue: When the house was taken off well and put on city water in the 80's, the 3/4" copper service was put through a close fitting hole bored in the poured concrete basement wall, about 5' below grade. And apparently sealed with nothing more than hydraulic cement. No sleeve, and where was the @#! inspector?  

Yes, now it leaks after a big rain, and I worry about the pipe itself. So, how should the contractor install a proper sleeve and seal after the fact? And is there any way to avoid trenching on the outside?

I wouldn't worry about a (post #215837, reply #1 of 1)

I wouldn't worry about a sleeve at this point since it's not leaking. I'd dig, pick or drill out whatever seal there is, shove some foam backer through to the outside and fill the void with polyurethane sealant.

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