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Flat Roof Leaky Eve Box

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I'm going to attempt a second time to repair a leak which I know is affiliated with the corner of the house and the eve box.

I was able to get this under some control and now the leak is minimal as compared to before.

I found the first time around there were noticible holes flush with the house wall  at the underside of the box. My hope is that I missed something directly behind the downspout where I found it difficult to get access. I've also done some flashing, and sealed the board below the roof line where there was some gap.

If this fails, I'm wondering if it may be my neighbors attached house issue, since there is a firewall between the houses (cinderblock where I can see it from a cutout in my bedroom closet). In other words, if the adjacent box on the other side of the firewall is leaky, could that be what I'm unable to seal from my side, or is that not possible or likely?

Appreciate any help you can lend.


Whenever you're dealing with (post #215848, reply #1 of 3)

Whenever you're dealing with rain, one rule trumps all others:  Water runs downhill.  The construction, including flashing, should channel all rain into the gutters.  "Sealing", if done at all, should be something of a last resort.

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A picture would be a big help (post #215848, reply #2 of 3)

A picture would be a big help to us and a hose would be a big help to you. Start below the box and let water run for 5 minutes before you move up. Do this slowly until the leak appears. This method should at least get you close to the source.If you don't find it on your house follow the same process on the neighboring house.

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Florida's method works.... (post #215848, reply #3 of 3)

but take your time and check each time you are going to move up.  Some leaks slowly work their way in and others don't show until saturated.  Start out dry and use Kleenex or other quickly absorbe paper to help you find the infiltration point.

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