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Foundation Concerns

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I am building my own house  , which is a 2 story house + Basement with 4 side bricks. All builders in my area use 24 inch x 10 inch footer, But my builder used 20 inch x 10 inch.

And now after the footer is been placed I am seeing in some places foundation footer is built 20 inches and in some places it is 17 inches. So I guess the footer is not even of uniform width.  I am not even sure if 17 inches footer is even in sync with code. Pls see the attached pictures.

The questions i have for the experts here

1. Is non uniform footer OK ? It does have 2 #4 rebars along the footer ? The soil is also fill and not compacted well , so they had to use 20 kip helical piers.

2.In less than 15 hrs the builder started making the basement foundation walls , and place large iron molds to get that done on a concrete which is not even cured for 15 hrs . Is this OK? They put Foundation walls within 48 hrs of footer being poured. Is this OK?

3.Footer was done on 9 , when it was very hot 80 degrees , Therefore uncountable number of cracks have developed , mostly where the junction of vertical rebars happens with the footer. Does these cracks effect the footer in the coming years. Builder says if its concrete it will crack . What do you guys say ?

4. The Recyclable Footer Form plates were removed in 12-15 hrs , When they hit those it all lot of concrete chipped . And they created Foundation walls on the same chipped loose concrete pieces . Do you think the footer has been compromised?

Attached are the pictures .. (post #215949, reply #1 of 4)

Attached are the pictures .. Somehow didnt get attached to the first post .. Any help would be apprciated.

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Plans. (post #215949, reply #2 of 4)

What width footer do the plans call for? Was this inspected?

The original plans were for (post #215949, reply #3 of 4)

The original plans were for 24 inch ..  But all other houses he build with the same plan were 20 inch .

As you can see from the attached pictures , mine are non uniform and least width i measured was 17 inch .


They had to use multiple  helicle piers of 20 kip, as the soil is fill , and not compacted well . The Structural Engineer says it should be ok . I am worried about excessive chipping , cracks and non uniformity. 


This is a question for your (post #215949, reply #4 of 4)

This is a question for your structural engineer. Get it in witting from him and you are all set.