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Gas range and gas fireplace side by side- is that OK?

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Gas range and gas fireplace side by side- is that OK? (post #216084)

We have a gas fireplace that we never used in our house. It's in the middle of our living room. My wife is thinking about moving the gas range next to the fireplace, sharing the same gas pipe with the fireplace(we are not going to use both of them at same time), to create a open kitchen. 

My question is, is it safe to do? We also have a 220V outlet near the fireplace, should I use a electric range instead?  Any suggestion will be appreciated.

ask some body else... (post #216084, reply #1 of 2)

I have an opinion not based on factual knowledge so I'd just advise you to call who ever supplies your gas and ask them. If they say it's not legal but not a real issue don't do it. Also my state and surely all states have regulatory boards that spec out the rules, maybe ask them. 



Propane or Natural Gas? (post #216084, reply #2 of 2)

Some places prohibit propane ranges in an island.