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Glass Shower Doors

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Looking for advice on Glass Shower Doors. Just about to start a renovation on my main bathroom, the one area I don't feel that I have enough information about is Glass Shower Doors. What questions should I be asking installers? Framed or Framless? Thickness? Care after installation? Are there any good sources for information? Thanks!!!

All I know is that there (post #207256, reply #1 of 5)

All I know is that there aren't any good ones anymore, at least not the conventional bypass sliding style.

We'd like to replace the 30-year-old Sears unit downstairs, but can't find anything as good.  Among other things, they all have 2-3" high bottom rails, adding a considerable trip hazard to the shower.

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Hüppe. They're a german mfr, and have some nice frameless ones.

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I've put in some doors from Kohler-not cheap, but they are nice.


Basco-check them out, several styles and they aren't cheap either.



google Splendor Shower Doors-a local company here in NW Ohio, but I think they might have a national presence.  I use them and their installers here.


of course, a local glass (and some solid surface companies) company will maybe offer Euro or other style doors/panels.

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Go to your local home center. (post #207256, reply #4 of 5)

Go to your local home center. They have 4 or 5 choices from the cheap framed doors to very nice frameless doors. For a standard 5' tub or shower the best ones they have will run you about $650.00. If that's not good enough call a local shower door installer who will install very nice doors in the same opening for under $1,000.00. You certainly don't need to buy a name brand.

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Glass Shower Doors (post #207256, reply #5 of 5)

Look for the shower door companies the builders in your area are using. Most have a showrom and more than a few options/pricing levels. I think you'll find a quality product at a reasonable price and have direct contact with a company who will stand behind their installation.