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Glulam beam and post finishing HELP!!

Haese56's picture

I am in a bind. Our contractor put Columbia vynil acrylic latex base on a glulam beam and post. It dried milky white instead of clear. He tried to sand it off then put on minwax poly crilic clear but it still looks blotchy. A painter friend advising us via phone says he thinks a tinted product could be applied to even it out. The beam is 15' up so it's not like a cabinet, still we want it to look decent. Making things worse this is part of the drywall paint process which has to get done before we can move in so we are in a camper so we don't want to drag things out. We'd like to fix it now but later would be ok. We do not want a dark finish on the wood. Is there something we can apply over thenpolycrilic  or do we have to sand down to bare wood and start over. Winter is HERE in!!!