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GraphPad Pro - Technical Drawing application for the iPad

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I'm the developer of GraphPad Pro, an engineering drawing application for the Ipad.  I'm very interested in hearing from contractors and building professionals about what they'd like to see in an iPad application to help them document field work.  Currently, GraphPad Pro allows users to capture pictures taken on the iPad and perform simple technical drawings while in the field.  I'm currently working on adding industry specific symbol libraries and document templates (company specific forms with company logo, standard text, form fields etc).  Is anyone on this forum using GraphPad Pro?



Also - I just finished a 1 minute video demostrating GraphPad Pro.  You can see it at:

I would love to see an (post #205501, reply #1 of 7)

I would love to see an elegant way to document existing conditions. By this I mean drawing accurately a building's floor plans and elevations. When we start design work on a project more often than not there are no existing plans of the building. For our work to be accurate, we need to start with accurate drawings. Unfortunately the best way we've found to do this is sketch and measure in the field. Laser tapes have helped immensly, but at the end of the day you have a hand full of hand drawings that need to be entered into CAD back at the office.

GraphPad Pro - Field Documentation (post #205501, reply #3 of 7)

I seemed to have missed the response to my post!  I just now came across this by accident...


Anyway - GraphPad Pro is attempting to provide the ability to document things while actually in the field.  The main objective is to make it easy to accurately draw a simple design while on site.  No more clip boards and graph paper with unreadable (and highly inaccurate sketches) - but a clean scaled, dimensional drawing.  Take pictures with the iPad and add them to you GraphPad document, then send the whole thing back to the office (or to the client) while still in the field.  CAD systems are too complex and the typical drawing application isn't something that will create an accurate scaled drawing.  GraphPad provides the ease of use along with powerful dimensional capabilities to make engineering drawing easy!

It's still a work in progress, but I believe it already has enough to be extremely useful.  I'm currently working on adding a library capability for standard engineering symbols, and would be very interested in getting feed back on my product.



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Hey - Thanks for the tip!  I updated my settings so hopefully I won't miss another response.  Contractors and the home building industry is the primary focus for my application, so I'm very interested in feed back from your subscribers.



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great app !

i am a structural engineer that does building assessments. I am down under in Australia and primarily use metric. 

Any way to save the settings to default to metric instead of going back to english each time ??






IM interested in graphpad pro (post #205501, reply #7 of 7)

IM interested in graphpad pro as we do simple line diagrams to design rotary gas meter exchanges which are currently don on the following ssheets drawing of existing ,drawing for propasal and a fab sheet of all the required fab that needs to be fabricated by the weld earsweld ears