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Hand Cranked Elevators

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In a past issue of Fine Woodworking there was a photo of a beautifully hand carvevd and hand cranked elevator. I am looking for a supplier of the operating parts and a design of how this would operate .Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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This is assuming you are going only 1 (maybe 2) floor and don't need to mess with a permit - whole other ball game then.

Get a diagram of the original Otis patents off the net, buy a welder, build the safeguard part, test the safety catch at 3 to 6X expected load (bags of sand or your in-laws <G>). Everyone from Grainger down thru Harbor frieght has lots of hand crank winches, once you've the safety part built, anything else will work. Surplus yards even have 10 yd dump truck hyd. cyl. that lift 10 feet, you could even build a hand pump elevator.

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Thank you for the response. I will try what you suggest. David